Saturday, 14 June 2008

Last Hurrah at Fisher's Eco Farm

There had been developments in our company and the changes affected our group. Looks like our tightly-knit family will be disbanded and go to different departments in our sister company. Luckily for me, I'll still be doing the same function for the US companies. It's an early farewell to my dear team so we had a last teambuilding and outing at the same time at Fisher's Eco Farm in Cavite - our last hurrah. Will post some pictures as soon as I grab from those who had their camera with them. I enjoyed the half-day, although most of the time I slept at the cottage, hahaha. Only the moms went home earlier, the rest are still there to spend the night as I write. I just hope that my PEO team will remember all the good things I taught them and the rest of the Phil Global team will still keep in touch even if we are already dispersed by July. Watch for all those photos :)

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