Wednesday, 9 January 2013

10 Tips for Raising a Reader

I wanted to share what I do (at least most of them) to make reading a habit for my children. I found this from Scholastic.

1.  Read to your child right from the start. Even babies love books!
2.  Read every day. Set aside a special time for books.
3.  Make a comfortable spot for reading - in a cozy space, with a selection of favourite books.
4. Bring a book along. Reading can happen anywhere, and books on CD are great for the car.
5. Keep reading to your child. Even after your child can read on their own, reading aloud is a special time together.
6. Become a family of readers. Let your child see you reading, too: books, magazines, newspapers, recipes and more.
7. Read where you are. Point out the words on cereal boxes, street signs, license plates and other text around your child.
8. Let your child choose what to read - at home, at the library, and at the bookstore.
9. Make reading fun! Read with expression and re-read favourite stories, encouraging your child to join in.
10. Have your child read to you. Let your child take a turn reading or telling stories, and praise their skills.
Read everyday. Lead a better life.

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