Friday, 30 November 2007

Our new toy => Nikon D40X

Who says only kids want toys for Christmas? I promised Lito that I will give him something for his birthday aside from the Palawan trip. It was supposed to be a surprise but Faye and I have been talking about getting a DSLR camera and eventually Lito found out when Irvin inquired about the specs of Nikon camera they are considering. So after I got my 13th month, we headed to Hidalgo, Quiapo and bought our own Nikon D40X. We first went to Henry's because my fellow nawies and scrapbooking friends recommended it but we found Avenue Photo Supply - the cheapest in the whole block. Email me na lang if you want to know how much. We got a good bargain, the kit comes with a 1GB card and camera bag but the manual doesn't have English translation hahaha. Faye, Can I copy na lang your manual? Anyway, my budget can only afford a Nikon D40 but since Lito wanted the D40X he paid for the remaining balance. Now hopefully we can fully utilize this investment. "Kakarerin ko na ang pag-scrapbook este pagkuha ng mga pictures pang-scrapbook" :)

Here are some of the pictures of Lito with his new toy after opening the box. "Excited ang asawa ko, feeling photographer, hehehe"


pam said...

hi irmee!

i was just blog-hopping and happen to read your post regarding this. hubby also wants to buy a nikon d40x and wants me to go to quiapo and inquire how much (he's abroad). may i know how much it is? also the d40 :)

thanks a lot!
pam (n@wie)

Faye said...

don't worry i'll bring the manual with me.

Jane said...

congrats on your new toy!

Irmee said...

Hi Pam, we got the Nikon D40X for only P 29,500 which comes with a manual with no english version hehe, 1GB SD card and camera bag and the D40 costs 19K. The store is Avenue, it's along Hidalgo St. just at the back of SM Outlet Store.

Anonymous said...

Nikon D40x video at digital camera blog