Monday, 26 November 2007

Thomas train etc...

My sons are lucky because Lito and I are also fond of toys that's why each time we have a chance, (and money or vice versa hahaha) we buy them toys. Toys are also investments esp when you are collecting. Their value increases as time goes by. But for us seeing their faces in wonder at the sight of a new toy, that's priceless. Instead of us buying toys that will be broken after a few months, we buy TOMY trains. Our enthusiasm started when Aloysius received his first TOMY train set when he was still 3 years old. We had acquired different tracks, accessories and trains eversince (My favorite is Thomas and Henry). Now, our train set can fill up our whole room (it's not really that big). I just wish that our kids learn how to keep them properly after playing...kapagod! Paging Aloysius' and Achilles' ninongs and ninangs, you can add to our collection of TOMY trains, hehehe.

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