Saturday, 24 November 2007

Start Saving Today (for trips)

One thing I learned from my husband is to become a wise spender if not, do not spend at all (He’s a true blue “Kuripot”) “Save you hard earned money” he says. I found myself following him, started saving only to spend it later on trips and things I consider of high value like scrapbook materials, I’m a born spender hehehe. And since I’m hopeless, I passed the start saving today attitude on to my children. Lito bought them coin banks to start with so that each time they were given change, they will put it in the piggy and dino banks. Once full, we’ll deposit them in real bank. My two kids have their own accounts. I also have mine but the contents diminish each time a new dream trip is scheduled like next month >> Palawan for Lito’s birthday and our 8th wedding anniversary celebration… :)

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Faye said...

that's nice! both the tipid and going to palawan. hehehe