Monday, 24 December 2007

Enchanting Weekend (Aloysius' Birthday)

One of Irvin's promises to Aloysius is to bring him to Enchanted Kingdom as birthday present and today he fulfilled that promise. it was an advanced birthday gift because he is turning 6 years old on the 24th. We enjoyed the EK trip even if it is short-lived, we got there around 4 pm and left at 9:00 pm. It was our first time in Enchanted and most of our time were spent in picture-taking - loved the place!

What's amazing is that my Aloysius rode adult rides and there was not a hint of fear in him. We rode the Roller Skates, Up, up and away, Wheel of Fate aside from the kiddie rides. He especially liked the Rio Grande Rapids where we all got wet and also Rialto where Spongebob was showing. While at the top of Wheel of Fate which is very high, he saw the Space Shuttle and Jungle Log Jam. He said he wanted to try them. It's a good thing Jungle Log Jam was in the other corner we never saw it while the Space Shuttle is undergoing maintenance check because of the incident and so I didnt have to explain that he cannot take those rides which are dangerous for his age. We got a chance to watch the Oliver's Water Show where we enjoyed the high dives. We had photo ops with the divers from Europe and also with Santa Claus before we headed out. It was indeed Aloysius' day, you can see all smiles from him but Kyle also enjoyed the rides especially the Air Ptyodactyl where he rode alone and the carousel ride. Thanks Irvin and Faye!

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