Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Day 2 - Palawan Underground River Tour, Sabang Beach, Daluyon Resort

We woke up early to see the beautiful sunrise at Puerto Princesa. Our hearty breakfast at the Tribu Restaurant of the Puerto Pension where we stayed added to the ambience of the place. I was too excited that I forgot to mention that I had no regrets choosing Puerto Pension as our place to stay(BTW, Puerto Pension is included in Lonely Planet’s recommended places to stay). I liked the native-style interior and exterior design of the place. The room is small just enough for the two of us but the service, location, free transfers and breakfast was a great value-for-money deal. Even Lito was impressed. The Palawan Underground River Trip they arranged for us was fantastic. Our tour guide Jeff was accommodating, dami ksi naming tanung from the historical stuff to Malaria, other places to see in Palawan and mga chismis on Dos Palmas. Our other companions were friendly too. I was hoping that our tour companions were not “thunders” buti na lang my prayers were answered. We enjoyed the company of young people - a Chinese national, a balikbayan, 2 lovely girls from Unionbank and BDO whom we exchange cameras with to take pictures of each other and a mid-age couple.

Our trip to Sabang going to the Underground river was 2 hours and the banca ride was almost 30 minutes because it was high tide that time or maybe the waves are really strong in that area. I believe it was already South China Sea. The view going to underground was breathtaking. I love the rock formations. When we arrived on the beach, it’s parang deserted island. There were animals roaming around – the big lizard, the monkeys. When we reach the mouth of the underground cave, I felt nervous. I thought, what if there’s an earthquake and we will not be able to come out. But when we wore the helmet and the floater – I became excited once again. After taking pictures, we boarded the boat. Lito and I had no choice but to take the front seats and I became the holder of the light.


Once inside, we were awestruck. We were amazed and amused at the sight and the description of the rock formations, stalactites and stalagmites by our Manong Boatman. Too bad, it was not captured by our camera, na lo bat! After the more or less 40 minutes, we were out the cave. We went back to Sabang Beach. By this time, I was already hungry and we had to walk to the farthest resort to get our food. Haay! But the long walk by the beach is worth it. Our lunch was served at Daluyon Resort – the newest resort in Sabang. The ambience and great food served was perfect. I loved eating by the beach.


Daluyon Resort, Sabang -The resort is yet to open but looks like its going to be a hit. I love the rooms they showed us and the amenities are high-class. They have an infinity pool. Here are some of the pictures I took which I promised to promote through this blog.

On our way back, we were stranded. It was raining and the road was muddy and the mini bus before us got stucked. We were afraid we’re going to spend the night there, e pinaguusapan pa naman naming yung Malaria case ni Reyster Langit. It’s a good thing a big truck came to pull the mini bus, we were back in Puerto Princesa before it got dark, but we were already late for a sunset dinner at Badjao Seafront Restaurant kaya we had dinner na lang at Bilao’t Palayok. The ambience is also nice and the food was served in a bilao’t palayok.

After dinner we went first to the baywalk to check out the biggest Christmas Tree to take pictures. Then we headed to Tribu restaurant at the rooftop of Puerto Pension to wind down for a cup of coffee and cool beer. The scenario brought back memories of our bf-gf days. We enjoyed our bonding moments without the kids but we also miss them so when we went home the next day after buying fresh seafoods at the market, we were glad to be home with our two boys.

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