Wednesday, 5 December 2007

AMDATEX Retro Fever – 2007 Christmas Celebration

Our company Christmas celebration started in November where several contests and preparation for the big event in December already took place. This year our theme was retro – 60’s, 70’s, 80’s. My look and attire was not spectacular compared to others who really prepared to become the Star of the night but I was glad that I was still chosen as one of the semi-finalist for my era –80’s. I just wore a black shirt with Rock print in front matched with white fit jeans and a hat ala Michael J or Gary V. The only drama there was my back which was exposed – Backless po yung shirt. Hahaha. The nerve ba to put on such get up?…para di halata na late thirties na…Anyway, here are my pictures together with the other finalists. The one wearing apro wig won. And the other picture with the young girls of Tech Helpdesk (from the IT Dept.) who were teasing me about my back. O di ba belong pa din ako sa kanila?

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