Sunday, 21 October 2007

Day 4 - A whole morning of beach fun

Day 4 October 20, 2007

A whole morning of beach fun

This is our last day and we only had a few hours before we leave so we spent the morning at the beach. The sun shining bright, the cool air inviting and the whole stretch of the white beach made our last day the most memorable one. The kids were left in the beach while we were having breakfast and would you believe that they were already far from our area but the water is still knee deep. We just let them play and enjoy the clear water. Achilles in particular was very fond of water, I remember him telling his dad excitedly, “ daddy, mamam” meaning daddy look at the water. He was the one who didn’t want to leave the beach until it time for us to leave. Our experience at Dumaluan Resort was not perfect but the beach and the sea made up for all the shortcomings. Our pictures tell them all. The 4 day vacation was indeed a memorable one – worth going back to.

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