Saturday, 20 October 2007

Day 3 - Chocolate Hills and the countryside tour

Day 3 – October 19, 2007

Chocolate Hills and the countryside tour

We woke up early because we were told by our Tour Guide/Driver that we will be picked up by 8:30am. I got annoyed after receiving a text message that he will arrive at 9:00am. Our iterinary should have included the following: Chocolate Hills, Hinagdanan Cave, Man-Made forest, Hanging bridge, Butterfly Farm, Bohol Bee Farm, Tarsier, Loboc River Cruise, Mag-aso Falls and Punta Cruz watchtower. The whole morning was spent traveling to Chocolate Hills, it was the highlight of our day tour and we were not disappointed. Although I realized how not physically fit am I because I was too tired after taking the 200+ steps going to the highest hill. The view was spectacular. Miggy was asking why are there too many hills in that area. I was glad he said it was also his favorite from all the Bohol adventures that we had, aside from the beach. Going back we went to Butterfly Farm, there were very few butterflies but the tour was very informative, I learned so many things in the few minutes that the guide was explaining. We passed by the man-made forest and the hanging bridge. Then the Loboc River cruise – another disappointment. It was almost 1:00 pm and the boat that we were supposed to ride didn’t wait for us so we had to wait for another boat which had too few food and poor service to deal with. Although the boat ride itself and the music playing almost made bawi to the bad Loboc cruise experience we had. Then we went to Tarsier, another disappointment, I was looking forward to seeing a nice place to keep and show Tarsiers – the smallest monkey in the world. But we only went to a store with a small area for the tarsiers, it was not even a garden. The tarsiers were embracing the branches of ornamental plants and they seemed to be matamlay parang di kumakain. I hope the Dept of Tourism will do something about this. We passed by Baclayon Church – the 2nd oldest church in the Philippines and the Blood Compact Site where we had pictures taken. Then we spent hours in the pasalubong store which I regret ksi if not we would have gone to Hinagdanan Cave and take another tour at the Bohol Bee Farm. When we arrive there, it was almost 5:00 pm and the crew said they were not offering tours anymore. I was only able to buy honey, spreads and organic breads. We also had some pictures taken in our last stop. We arrive at the resort a little before 6:00 pm. A makeshift stopper and a hot soak in the bath tub made our day complete 


Kitts said...

yup, medyo disappointing nga ang loboc river cruise kasi yung food hindi naman ganun ka sarap considering P250/pax ang binayad mo diba? Dami nyo rin napuntahan pala sa bohol! :D

Irmee said...

Buti na lang maganda ang boses nung kumakanta at cruisin music yung mga songs niya, feel namin hehehe...