Thursday, 18 October 2007

Summer in October (Our Bohol Trip day to day account)

This is the start of my wish ko lang travel(s) blogs. The fruits of our hard-earned money. I thought that the day I’ve been looking forward to will not arrive, a day before our scheduled trip, Achilles had been diagnosed with Broncho-pneumonia. The pulmo-pedia said that we can bring Kyle because the fresh air will be beneficial to him provided that we bring all his medicines with us. I had to convince myself that his ailment is not that serious because the doctor already made a clearance for him to go. Now, it’s only Lito that I need to convince and later I decided not to go anymore because I don’t want to be blamed in the future. Buti na lang, when I asked him, he said yes and so off we went to the adventure of our lives.

Day 1 - October 17, 2007

My kid’s First Airplane Ride

I didn’t report the previous night because I was too excited and anxious about Kyle’s condition. It’s a good thing that I had packed our things before we went to Munti and Carter had brought his car so we asked him to fetch Lito and Aloysius before bringing us to the airport. Our flight was at 11:50am but we wanted to get window seats so we arrive early or just in time around 9:00am. It’s a great improvement since the last time I have been to the Manila Domestic Airport. The Kiddie Traveler’s Lounge for toodlers had been a great help because I know how impatient my kids are. They didn’t want to leave the playplace until they saw the airplane that we are going to ride. It’s the first time of my kids to board a plane, I too got excited. We took pictures in all the sides of the plane and before boarding it. Aloysius didn’t want to take his eyes off the window to see the clouds below us. Achilles on the other hand was excited, at first he cried because he wanted to be with his kuya on the window seat, buti na lang Tita Ces is there on the other window seat and all we can hear is ba-bye, ba-bye when the plane took off. After that, he slept the whole time during the trip.

Arrival at Dumaluan Resort

It’s almost 2:00pm when we arrive at Dumaluan, While I was checking in, Lito and the kids were taking pictures of the beach. Our resort is just beside the Bohol Beach Club and there were no other resorts so it’s kinda quiet and the beach is clean. The white sand shoreline is longer than I expected and later on, I discovered that it’s powdery white sand, mala-espasol. We checked in a Superior Deluxe room and requested another mattress, we liked our room except that the bath tub is not working, no stopper and the kids are so kulit without TV so we transferred to a room with TV. The room we transferred to is better because it’s fronting the swimming pool and nearer but still the bath tub is also not working. The maintenance personnel suggested that we transfer again to the next room but we decided not to because we are already settled and we wanted to go to the beach right away.

When we checked the beach, it was low-tide and the weather is gloomy, not a good time to swim, but the kids got excited and when they wet themselves, we cannot control them, we just rode the waves literally with them. Later, Aloysius used the kiddie pool in front of our cottage. We had dinner at Dumaluan Resort 1 for grilled pork liempo and chicken.

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Ruth said...

I am planning our trip to Bohol in a few weeks and your series of posts and photos on Bohol has been very informative! It has helped me decide on where to stay and even in planning our itinerary. Thank you so much!