Friday, 23 May 2008

The New American Idol - David Cook

I'm so happy that my 'Idol" won. It's the second time that my Idol became the winner. The first time was Carrie Underwood, it was a disappointment with Katherine Mcphee but she's still my idol. Anyway, eversince I heard him sing the Mariah song "Always be my baby", I laid my eyes on him, hahaha. I also liked the way he sang Duran Duran's "Hungry like a wolf", makes him a versatile singer. I also liked David Archuleta but maybe it's not yet his time. Basta, ang galing ng Idol ko! My single friends are going gaga over him hahaha...who wouldn't? :) I watched the finale last night (replay at Starworld, ended around 2:00 am) and I was shocked to see David Cook cry, I bet he didn't expect to win after hearing Simon make a "winning" remark on Archuleta's performance. He was so sweet sharing it with David Archuleta. This batch is very good. Jason Castro is also a favorite. What's amazing last night at the finale was a live performance by a fellow Filipino - Reynaldo Lapuz who rendered his now famous "My Brother" song with marching band. I was so proud of him.

Well, I'm looking forward to David Cook's album soon. It'll surely be a hit.

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sieg said...

Mare, I sooooo love Cookie!
Galing, galing! :D