Monday, 12 May 2008


I'm filling up the Sponsored Spouse Questionnaire as requirement for our following Lito in Canada and I'm so amused at how the questions are written. The first question is First Contact...hahaha, this is not the first contact you are thinking. The question goes like this.."Did you have any contact with your sponsor before you met in person?" The second question is "When and Where did you first met your sponsor in person?" This is fun, I feel like filling up a slumbook...hahaha. Like a teenager, I tried to remember how and when and where did we really meet and that was ages ago. Heto pa nakakatawa, Describe how your relationship developed after your first contact with your sponsor and if you and your sponsor dated or went on any outings or trips together, provide photos and documentary evidence. I thought of giving our photo albums here as evidence- ang dami kaya naming activities together. The list of questions go on conerning Marriage Proposal, Engagement and Marriage Ceremonies where tons of pictures can prove hahahaha. I hope I'll be able to finish these requirements and send to Lito to start processing....I felt like sharing this because I really enjoyed the task. It's also fun to reminisce.

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