Friday, 25 December 2009

Christmas Celebrations

We spent our first Christmas here with Irvin and Faye. They arrived from New York City a little after lunch while I was still busy preparing our Noche Buena. Good thing my bbq and Spaghetti Carbonara were cooked right in time for their late lunch. The kids enjoyed opening the gifts after dinner. Oh, I almost forgot, we had sumptous dinner - Baked Salmon, Potato Salad, BBQ and the remaining pasta from early birthday celebration of Miggy. He just turned 8 today. Of course, the Chocolate Brownie cake was our finale after Miggy blew the candles. Miggy enjoyed decorating his cake and the cupcakes too. Here are some of the photos in our first Christmas in Toronto:

On Christmas day, we went to Mississauga to visit Tito Nilo, Neil and Keli. We had late Turkey lunch because we arrived late. It was raining, Lito and I had to take TTC. Faye cooked Mechado and I prepared Baked Macaroni as our potluck share. We were full when we left the table but still had room for fondue. The kids enjoyed their gifts. Lex had fun too.

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