Thursday, 10 December 2009

Prequels and Lito's special day

Many Hollywood blockbuster hits have made prequels to continue with the success of their movies. Most of them are shocking revelations that made the first sequel what they are. I'm amazed how the creators were able to come up with the characters and young versions of the movie's heroin. I'm sure you remember the following prequels:

1. Star Wars ->Phantom Menace
2. Superman (oh, I love Smallville)
3. Silence of the Lambs -> Hannibal Rising
4. Batman series -> Batman Begins
5. Scorpion King -> The Mummy series

and many others, I forgot them. It's nice to see what transpired before a current hit. It inspired me to do the prequel of my husband's life as he celebrates his 40th birthday today. I only have a few of his old photos and I hope it brings back good memories and be thankful for what he is today. Happy 40th Birthday, Lito! I hope you like this:
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