Monday, 7 December 2009

It's Snowing, It's pouring..Winter is here!

It's finally here. We heard the news that anytime now the snow would fall and during lunch, we saw the first drops of snow. Without knowing that he doesn't have snow suits on, Kyle excitedly went to the terrace and jumped with joy. I told him to go inside and wait for mommy to put on his suit and also Lex, and to also bring out the camera. Here's the video I captured for our first encounter with snow.

Later in the afternoon, we fetched Miggy in school and on the way there, Kyle and the other kids we saw, kept on putting out their tongues to taste the snowflakes LOL. It felt like rain and I mused, here's the dreaded season of the year. Brace ourselves for the winter. The next days will be more snow to come.

Here are more pictures, look at their rosy cheeks:

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