Friday, 31 July 2009

Learnings and Tips

Here are some tips to help you in your do-it-yourself and budget travel to Hong Kong:

1. Be on the look out and Buy budget airfare - Cebu Pacific or Philippine Airlines have regular promos. I availed the PAL Great Miles Getaway (50% off Miles Redemption).

2. Book in a Hostel ( is in a good location other hostels in Kowloon areas are recommended too >Dragon Hostel

3. Buy park tickets in Travel Easy in the Worldwide House (Central) We got our Disney tickets at HKD320 at the gate you can get it at HKD350. The Ocean Park Tickets only HKD195 while the true cost is at HKD208. Other tickets such as Ngong Ping 360 are also cheaper there.

4. Bring water to the parks or buy water at Wellcome Grocery or at Worldwide House. a 500 ml bottled water in Disney costs HKD16 while a 1.5 liter costs HKD8 in a Pinoy store in Worldwide House. In our case, we initially brought 2 1-liter bottled water (included in our check-in luggage) and bought 2 1.5 liters for our Disney tour. In summer like the time we went there, water is a must.

5. Bring a Stroller, I was against this idea so I have regrets because we didn't have babies anymore but my little Achilles who is still a toddler by the way, always asked to be carried and it's not enjoyable anymore if you are walking up and down a sloping park like Ocean Park.

6. Be ready to accept changes in the itinerary. Children when tired the previous day tend to oversleep and most of the morning scheds are either skipped or moved to a later schedule.

7. Be prepared for incidentals. I was shocked when I found out the conversion rate of the Mickey Fan that Aloysius wanted but we still bought it anyway. Its the same cost as a stand fan here in the Philippines. Ika nga ni Mastercard, Mickey Fan HKD XXX, Aloysius' smile - priceless.

8. Bring lots of batteries, chargers and memory cards for your pictures and videos.

9. Don't be too strict in your planned itineraries, spend more time in an area where the kids enjoy (like what we did in Astro Blasters) and also cherish the moments, enjoy!

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