Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Alexus Milestones and Christening

Alexus was christened last July 26 and it was also the send off party that close friends and relatives attended. We were happy to see them after long time, it is seldom that we meet them and the get together was a success. Wendy and Carter gave us a surprise AVP showcasing our pictures from the different travels and outings we’ve been to and other get-togethers with them. I was teary-eyed after watching the show and hearing the send off messages from my friends and relatives of Lito. I took this opportunity to honor and thank our parents when it’s my turn to speak, I called them to come in front and asked the guests to help us in honoring and thanking them for being our parents and second parents of our children who grew up under their care by giving them Clap offering.

Alexus would not have understood all these but he enjoyed being carried by our friends and relatives. He just turned 8 months and he is starting to get mobile. He was looking cute in his hand-me-down white jumper. I guess Lito and I need to shop to increase Lex’ wardrobe now that he is getting bigger. Good thing, I have an online source for babies clothes to be updated with what’s best for my baby boy.

His first set of teeth appeared a week ago and he can already stand on his own, making it difficult for us to leave him on his own and let him play (or eat his toys). Now is a good time to look for activity toys he can play to keep him busy and explore and learn at the same time. I guess there’s a lot of shopping to do once we arrive in Canada…my pleasure hehehe.

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