Friday, 31 July 2009

Hong Kong Trip Day 4

Day 4 (July 22) Ocean Park

We left Tornberg's place around 9:45 and got to Ocean Park around 10:30am. Lucas and his pinoy yayas went with us to tour us. It was bonding time for Lucas and the kids. We went to Panda Adventure in the lowlands then headed straight to the Cable car that would take us to Headland for the Dolphin Show. But the line is so long, by 11:30 we were still at the Cable Car so we decided to skip the show and tour the headlands. We went to Pacific Pier which housed the Sea Lions, then went to Atoll Reef on the other side or the upper side. We saw many of these: >> Nemo

Walking in ascending mode was tiring and the scorching heat didn't help so the snow cone cart though maharlika @ HK$28 was what we needed.

Haay, Ocean Park was located on the side of a mountain and you can get a whole view of the sea in the rides and on the way but the sloping orientation and Kyle asking to be carried made this Ocean Park Trip a very tiring one. Add to that the scorching heat, the long queue at the food stalls and unavailability of seats, we lost energies in no time. We just munched on the oatmeal cookies I got in my bag and the sandwiches Lucas' yaya's brought to keep us sane until we reach Pok Fu Lam for a late lunch. We rested for a while before we headed to the airport to go back to Manila. Finally, we got some good deals at the Disney store at the Duty Free shops in HKIA. Our HK Adventure ended with lots of good memories in our hearts to cherish.

Thanks to my dear hubby for this gift and also to our friends, Martin and Ethel Tornberg for being such generous hosts. We will never forget this. Maraming Salamat!

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