Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Hong Kong Trip Day 1

It’s been a week since we came from Hong Kong for our Disneyland adventure and I haven’t updated this blog. We are all busy, it’s only a few days left (one week to be exact) before we fly to Canada. Would you believe that we haven’t finished packing? Anyway, here’s my account of our last trip to HK.

Day 1 -July 19 Central (Pacific Place, IFC Mall), TST (Symphony of Lights, Avenue of Stars)

Our flight was 8:00 am and we’re supposed to be at the airport 3 hours before the flight, we arrived at the airport at 6:30 am because the kids didn’t want to wake up and Kyle’s fever was on and off. Good thing, we were at Terminal 2 and the queue was not that long. The kids were busy with the coloring and activity books I brought while Sharyn and myself was busy taking shots at the airport, we didn’t notice the time and shortly, we were boarding the plane. The PAL plane (I don’t remember which Boeing model it was) had TV monitors at the back of each seat so the kids enjoyed the sometimes turbulent ride. While Sharyn and I felt dizzy each time the plane moves, the kids would say WEEEE as if riding a rollercoaster in Storyland. Kyle was still hot when we landed so I gave him Paracetamol before we disembark. Moreover, since we were the last passengers to go, we had the chance to go to the cockpit, meet the pilots and had the pictures taken with them (well, the advantage of going with kids who kept on asking where the Pilot is hahaha). When we arrived at the HKIA, the kids asked “Are we there yet?” and were too excited to go out. I had to call the Tornbergs to confirm if the driver was fetching us because it was Signal No. 8 the previous night. Martin confirmed that Mang Nick was waiting for us at the airport and after a few minutes, we finally bumped into each other. It was another 30-40 minutes ride going to Pok Fu Lam in HK Island and we enjoyed the view on the way there. It was still drizzling when we arrived and on the way, I was wondering what will happen to the itinerary I prepared for the day. We finally met the Tornbergs and we had a sumptuous lunch. Miggy and Lukas hit it off and they were playing as if they knew each other. By 4:00 pm Martin called to tell us that it was not raining and it’s safe to roam around the city. We went to Pacific Place and Hong Kong Park, rode the tram to go to Worldwide House, on the way there we saw many Pinays in the HSBC area and in the Worldwide house as well. This is where we bought our Disney and Ocean Park tickets to avail discounts >>Travel Easy. By this time Lito was still on the way and we haven’t heard from him if the flight was delayed or not so we decided to watch the Symphony of Lights without him and proceed to the TST. We had snacks inside IFC Mall (the tallest building in HK) We were running to catch the ferry that will take us to TST area and check out the Avenue of Stars. While grabbing photo opps, Martin told us that Lito called and was already in their place waiting for us, so that’s it for the day. The kids were surprised to see their dad and I was happy to see him too. We had a late dinner and hours of catching up with Martin and Ethel, we hit the sack a little after midnight. (Side note: Surprisingly and Thank God because by the time we headed back from TST, Kyle’s temperature already normalized, preparing him for the Disneyland adventure the next day)

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