Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Reading & my baby's books

I love to read whether on my own or to read to my kids, we make it a habit to read a story before we sleep. How I wish that my kids would also love to read even without me telling them. That's why each time I would go to a mall, I would go to a bookstore and check out what can I buy for my kids. Aloysius loves to read picture books before, but then PSP era came so he only read books when I told him so and when Kyle also read books. I remember I was only 8 years old when I started to read hardbound, my very first one - The Wizard of Oz is half inch thick without pictures. Then Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew hardbound books that I borrowed from my classmate Grace Canlas. My heart jumped at the sight of the Hardy Boys Hardbound Collection in National Bookstore ATC while I browse for books and waiting for the rain to stop. I wish Aloysius would also start to read paperbacks or hardbound soon - the Hardy Boys would be a great start or the Narnia Chronicles (he loves this movie) or the Harry Potter books. If I can only have a magic wand and make that PSP and Nickelodeon disapppear, haay. Anyway, Kyle is into coloring books, mazes and cutting Kumon books. I have not seen him read a storybook on his own. I hope that my little Lex will develop a reading habit that's why I started collecting his own set of books aside from those his siblings read before. I also purchased books that I can use to entertain him on our 18 hour plane ride to Canada. Here's my latest loot:

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