Sunday, 30 March 2008

Bye Texas, Hello New York

The week flew fast and it was time for us to leave Texas and go to New York. Our last days at Rockwall was fun fun fun. We had dinner at Luigi's last Friday and had lunch at Red Lobster over at Mesquite yesterday. We hop from one shopping center to another, Firewheel, Rockwall, Town East....We enjoyed our coffee break at Barnes and Noble where the conversation led to meeting friends, relationships, settling down, working on marriage and eventually separating. We all learned from the experiences of those who shared esp. Anna who is about to marry her bf from the internet. She was in the hot seat until we all went home...I hope she took note of our advice. Anyway, I slept almost midnight trying to pack my things without exceeding the baggage allowance.

We left the hotel at 4:00 am and headed to the Dallas Fort Worth Airport. We were supposed to take off at 6:20 but our plane just had us waited and went to and from the airplane for a maintenance check. I remember our dilemna on our way here...haay, grabe the plane took off 3 hours after the schedule and so we arrive at Philadelphia International Airport at 12:30, the time we were supposed to arrive at Binghamton. I was so tired and hungry, I just slept thru the whole flight. We left the airport for Binghamton at 3:55 and arrive after an hour. It was a small airport just like the domestic airport in the Phils. but we didnt get our luggage, it was left at the Philadelphia airport....We proceeded to the DCSI's GM's place to have dinner. It was sumptous, we had turkey, wine, just like a thanksgiving dinner. We also met some of the managers attending the sessions tomorrow. Oh, by the way, the weather here is colder than in Texas, and the place we went to is amazing. Their house sits on a hilltop and it's the only house on the area, no neighbors. The windows are overlooking the forests. Sometimes, they can see wild animals roaming around like grizzly bears, deers, bobcats etc...The hostess is so kind and she cooks really well. i love her pumpkin pie. By the time, I'm writing this, my luggage has not arrived yet, I hope they are not lost.

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