Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Where I am now =>Binghamton, New York

Here's the history I found on the internet of the place where I am in now... Binghamton is a city that is located at the confluence of two rivers, the Susquehanna and the Chenango River. The city called Binghamton as is known today dates back to the conclusion of the American Revolutionary War. William Bingham, a wealthy Philadelphian, obtained land at the confluence of these two rivers.

The intial economic boon for the city was the cigar industry, which took off in Binghamton in the 1870's. Binghamton became the second largest cigar-manufacturer in the United States. It was at this time that many immigrants started to pour into the city. The population reached it's height in the 1950's. Prior to that time other industries had begun to evolve in the area, most noteable, the Endicott-Johnson Shoe Corporation. There are still many artifacts around the area indicating the large presence of this company in Binghamton's history.

In 1924, the company known as IBM, International Business Machines, was created in nearby Endicott and it became the area's largest employer until the 1990's.

Today, the area is known for it's ethnic diversity, and an ambience that is both small-town and large-city at the same time. Much of the architecture of the city has been maintained and restored over the years and the city therefore has a feel of history while at the same time being a city that is very much moving forward.

But this is just the place where we are staying, our company's office is in another place. I'll post pictures in next blog entry.

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