Monday, 14 April 2008

I'm back to my homeland

I will not forget the highlights of my US trip and so at the same time I'm reminiscing now, I'm listing them down here:

1. My First Texas Giant rollercoaster ride
2. The NBA Mavericks vs. Lakers game
3. Niagara Falls
4. The cold weather and warm people of Deposit, New York
5. The many attractions of New York City
6. lastly, my almost CNN interview at the airport for the victims of American Airlines's flight cancellations...

I'm glad to be back home, with my kids and family. Kahit magulo, madumi, mainit, iba pa rin ang Plipinas....


Joey said...

Home is where the heart is...and the Philippines is home, what with its quirks and faults.

But it's nice to go away once in a while :)

Welcome home!

Joey from n@w

Irmee said...

Yeah, you're right. Thanks Doc Joey for your note.