Sunday, 6 April 2008

Rockefeller Center, 5th Ave, Times Square, Empire State, Madison Square Garden, Grand Central

Today is a busy day. We visited New York's top tourist attractions by foot (and subway hahaha) Indeed, New York is a bustling city. I can't believe that I'm actually here, realizing one of my dreams (well, working here is also one of them). I like to watch all kinds of people walking past, the busy streets, lights and buildings. When we were on the Observatory deck of Empire State Building, it was awesome. I'm amazed how this city looks like from above. I also loved the Time Square experience. We were surrounded by buildings with electronic billboards and lights and colors all over. Galing! We had late lunch at Olive Garden in the middle of this. What struck me is an almost naked cowboy with his guitar in the middle of the Times Square. Imagine, it was only 40 degrees fahrenheit and this man with only his brief on walking around. Faye and I couldn't help but have a picture taken, hahaha. I also remember the uniqueness of the Apple store (Mac) where it was all clear glass all over. Final stop for the day was at Grand Central station where most of the hollywood movies had a scene i.e. X-men, the Wild.

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