Monday, 24 March 2008

Egg Hunting, Singing and Dancing at Easter

I attended service today at Lakepointe church at Rockwall and I was amazed how big the congregation is. The music ministry is galing, imagine me strings (violins) and bands creating perfect music at the same time. It's right that today is the resurrection, but what's important is the revival in our hearts. I was touched by the message today...and like what the song meant, I will never be the same.

After church we headed to Marisel's place by the lake and had Easter Egg hunt, I got the least number of eggs because I started to eat the contents of the eggs while they were roaming around looking for eggs. After a hearty lunch,(Pinoy food was served- Kare-kare with bagoong and rice), we got up, sing our hearts out and dance the night away...we had Danny Carreon to sing New York@ and YMCA. It was so much fun.

At night, had a chat with the kids, saw them at webcam and I felt homesick again.

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