Saturday, 22 March 2008

Good Friday at Downtown, Town East -Mesquite and Hubbard Reservoir

We didn’t have work today so we headed to the Downtown area to see the high-rise buildings there, had photo opportunities everywhere. Then we took lunch at Town East Mall in Mesquite, where we also had opportunities to try Western Apparel at Shephler’s. For a moment there, we felt like cowboys and cowgirls.
After lunch and shopping at Shepler’s, we headed to Heath to meet Craig and his family and cruise down Hubbard reservoir (lake) in his boat. This was another breathtaking experience. I have seen the harbor but seeing it from the lake is another thing. While cruising the lake, we also had opportunities of seeing the nice mansions and lakehouses. It was like seeing a view from a postcard. It was refreshing! Afterwards, we headed off to get Danny from the hospital, shop a little from Old Navy and Ross then had dinner at Friday’s.

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