Friday, 28 March 2008


Our training for Flotec commenced after 2 full days of training. It's a good thing that we were able to pull it off earlier, I hope that they were not info-overloaded. But based on the results of their activities, I can say, this group is ready, well most of them has undergone ISO training before and had experience with the implementation so I hope the 2-day stint is okay for them. That meant 2 full days of rest for me, because I was not feeling well during the days that we were travelling to and from Irving. Arnel Esguerra and his team arrived yesterday and when it's time to have sumptous meals with them, my stomach is not cooperating. I had gas pains, feeling of indigestion, had been vomitting a couple of times for the 2 days I've been out. When one of the managers there already told me that they will be bringing me to the hospital, I was afraid that I'd turn out to be in Mr. Danny's case - had to be operated and all that....just thinking about the cost, I felt more sick. I had to ask my friend Cathy to do me a favor to check if this was something else, and when she came with the test kit, it confirmed what I've been thinking all along -- I'm having another baby. Yeah, Kyle is going to be a kuya na and Kuya Aloysius will have to take care of another brother or sister (the latter is my preference). Well, this calls for a celebration, I was not sick after all!

Today, Aloysius graduated in Pre-school, being no. 3 in his class is an achievement. Although he didn't get a medal, only the no. 1 gets the medal, I'm still a proud mom.

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nol_espedido said...

hi! congrats to you and your hubby!