Thursday, 6 March 2008

It's my 2nd year anniversary !

Wow, it's been two years ang bilis! I remember applying in a blind ad at Jobstreet and I have already given up when I haven't heard from them after a series of interviews (one from an American) then during a Valentine's date in Powerplant Mall, a got a call from the last interviewer asking me if I'm still interested. Next thing I knew, I was already being called for the job offer. Well, I was clueless of what the offer was until I got my first pay check hahaha. (I was desperately seeking a job then) Anyway, my American Boss (Mr. Kaminski) was so kind and my co-workers were supportive and most of all, the workplace is very near our place so I stayed on. It was very hard to cope up after being unemployed for almost a year but I was fortunate to have a very likable working environment and a challenging job function. In a span of 3 months, I was able to finish a system and that "made" my career at ADEC. I also learned a new ISO standard and that was also another challenge. I loved all the internal audits, awareness trainings and system orientations I conducted for a company with over 3,000 employees. Now after only 2 years, I will have a chance to do it to a different audience in another country and probably another 2 countries aside from US...(I heard we will also be doing it in China and Australia hopefully before I settle) Jetsetter, as you may call it but that also meant tough job...crossing different continents...Sana makayanan ng powers ko...I thank God for all these blessings!

Now I know why God made me wait for the right career He has in store for me. Happy Anniversary at ADEC to me!

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