Wednesday, 19 March 2008

NBA game at American Airlines Center

When we were at Flotec yesterday for the Awareness Training, Ron one of the attendees invited us to the NBA game today at American Airlines Center. Being a NBA fan, I got excited to see the Mavericks versus Lakers live. Today it was raining hard and we had to rush to Flotec then head to the Dallas area for the game. The game starts at 7:30 and we had early dinner first at the Platinum Club restaurant and bar. I have seen lots of Barbies and Kens here and my eyes can’t get enough. Soon the game started and we were excited to cheer on until Mavericks were behind by at least 25 points. At half time, the boys decided to stay at the bar area and I opted to check out the Souvenir shop. The game already started again and I chose to watch it from our seat (we were in the VIP row-Platinum Club, they have a Season pass so we got good seats) because the boys never want to leave the bar. Anthony only joined me when Mavericks started picking up until they almost won with almost 2 points away from getting the game. Well, Lakers is really a hard team to beat but the game is really fun, It was like watching a Ginebra game. The Dallas fans cheered on wildly(we were exchanging high fives with the other fans, the girl in front of me and his boyfriend, plus the family of 3 on our side). I had fun today, taking one of the great opportunities others didn’t have privilege on. Joe and Ron were great conversationalists, never had a dull moment. Since it rained and there was flooding in some areas, we arrived at the hotel 30 minutes after midnight. What a day!

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