Saturday, 15 March 2008

My Texas Giant Experience

On our second day here in the US, we had the experience of our lives. We were treated to a great weekend at Six Flags over Texas Amusement park, a double or even triple version of Enchanted Kingdom back home. Just from looking at the different rollercoasters alone, you can already feel the thrill and excitement.
I would say I find Superman (Dizzying speeds flying up—and falling down), Batman the Ride (suspended from the rails of one of the most innovative coasters of all time. ) Flashback (you will be dropped backwards then forwards in loops and Titan (Towering one hundred feet Titan features over a mile of twisted steel with huge sweeping spirals, spectacular plunges, a 120-foot-long tunnel shrouded in total darkness, a series of camel-back hills, huge spiral curves, and high-speed helixes.) the challenging ones but never dared to try.
But after discovering that Texas Giant is voted no 1 wooden Rollercoaster in the world, we found ourselves lining up for this ride. I thought that this would be our benchmark in our thrill-finding over the other rides but we got the surprise instead. We were excited going up the stairs and even shared stories with other riders while lining up. When it’s already our turn, Anna had no choice but to take a coach alone while Remcel and I took the same coach. Going to the peak we already started to scream and I remember that that’s the only time I was able to open my eyes, when we were finally dropped after the last peak, the ride became more exciting, it was more scary hearing the squeaking lumber as the coach pass by. I cannot hold my head up during the ride and the bumps, loops and twists made me brain-freezed for a moment there. Marisel, Anthony and Danny told us that we looked pale after the ride. Nevertheless, we surely had fun, but it was the first and last tough rollercoaster ride that we had that day.
We also enjoyed the easier ones and we found ourselves getting wet in the Aquaman ride. It was just taking a great plunge in water. What’s more exciting is that, since you already got wet, standing over the bridge will make you get more wet by the splashing underneath the bridge. It was our last ride because we were already cold. . You may want to check out the description of the rides here.

Our day was concluded with a dinner at the harbor (Dodie’s) where we also had fun taking pictures. The view of the harbor with the lighthouse was spectacular.

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