Friday, 21 March 2008

Meeting Cathy and sharing the good old times

It was an early dismissal today so Cathy (a high school barkada based here in Rockwall) fetched me and Remcel. We had dinner at Olive Garden, an Italian restaurant in North Garland and the conversations were mostly about our high school days. It was fun reminiscing how silly we were and how the whole barkada looked and acted before. We also had fun recalling the “popular” and “unpopular” batchmates and how they looked like now. By the way, the dinner served was superb, I had wine with my salmon dish. After dinner, we strolled by the shops in Firewheel where we bought Bath and Body Works pasalubongs. Then we headed to Cathy's place and we had opportunities to call our families in Manila. I was relieved to hear Lito’s voice and talking to him still brings kilig moments. I missed him and the kids that’s why the eating and window shopping activities helped after each working day to keep me from thinking about them. Good thing there is a webcam and internet but still, talking over the phone is another thing.

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