Saturday, 15 March 2008

Arrival Day

I had a hard time sleeping in the limited space but I was able to rest my feet. After 11 hours, we arrived at San Francisco International Airport. There was along line at the immigration but I had fun with the short interview. Ang kulit ng Immigration Officer, he assumed I'm the owner of our company, he gave me max 6 months stay but forgot to stamp on my passport only in the I-94 form. It's a good thing we found out even before leaving the airport. Ang daldal ksi nung officer, namesmerize ata sakin hehehe kaya gusto pang bumalik ako...after dinner we went to the Immigration Office and had it stamped by no less than a Fil-Am Officer. Ang Dami rin palang Pinoy nagwowork dun sa airport... My cellphone can receive SMS and calls but cannot make calls and send SMS. Another booboo, our plane got stucked in Amarilo Airport for a "maintenance check" we were there for 2 hours and was able to arrive Dallas at 8:00 am. One thing that irritated me, a black seatmate told me I'm rude when I passed him by, I remember saying Excuse me and the white guy seated next to me also gave a shrug, wondering what's the guys problem. I told him I said Excuse me it's not my proble he didnt hear it...tapos deadma ko na while waiting for the peopple to move out. Kainis! making my day worse buti na lang maganda ang weather sa Dallas and the driver of the Limo who picked us up was too polite, by the way he was also black....ironic noh...anyway, the rest of the day was hectic, ate lunch at Friday's, went to the office to print materials for the training and set up the laptop assigned to me (HP Pavillion) then head off to Wal Mart to buy groceries and then had dinner with the Texas boss at Culpepper Steakhouse. Sarap! I could not sleep because of fullness, had to drink my baon slimming tea...I hope I can have the wifi working in my room tomorrow for a chat with Lito and the kids, I terribly miss them already....

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