Sunday, 1 November 2009

Halloween Weekend at Mississauga

We had a very busy weekend. First in our agenda: Lunch at Wei's (Lito's officemate). It was so nice of Wei to come and fetch us early morning to go their place. With the kids in tow, we had to bring their things for an overnight stay, Lex' stroller and car seat. Wei's car was what we needed. We had fun at Wei's - sumptous lunch (even lex enjoyed the mashed potatoes), the kids played WII (Miggy beating his daddy twice in boxing LOL) and more importantly, the camaraderie we had for our short stay. These two Chinese were very nice. We were blessed to have met them.

Next stop: Trick or Treating at Tito Nilo's. Lito's uncle and his friends - all seniors regularly hold "Paluwagan" celebration, and this month is Tito's turn to host. When we arrived, the kitchen was still busy and we're just in time to assist them. The party started around 7:30 but we were not there anymore because we already went for the kids very first "Trick or Treat" in Canada. It was around 7:00 p.m. and the cool breeze made us shiver when we stepped out. The kids enjoyed going door to door, saying trick or treat and thank you each time sweets and other goodies are being poured into their loot bags. The kids brought black garbage bags with them to collect more LOL. We saw many nicely Halloween-decorated doors, lighted pumpkins and costumes while we roam around the neighborhood. After going through 2 blocks and carrying heavy loots, Kyle got tired. He also fell down while crossing the street, tearing his Superman costume and bruising his hands. We had been walking for an hour but Miggy wanted to go on so we went to 6 more houses before returning to Tito Nilo's place. By this time, Alexus had already fallen asleep in the stroller and my fingers already numb from the cold. Dinner at Tito Nilo's place has just started by the time we arrived and the kids ate some before they gobble their loots.

In front of Tito Nilo's house

Trick or Treat (Look at their loot bags)

Next: Sleepover at Ani's Place. We had been planning to go to A ni's place eversince we arrived here but it's only now that it transpired. Jeri and Ani fetched us from Tito Nilo's place at around 10 pm and the kids already doze off as soon as they hit the Lapuz' sofa. Jeri, Ani, Lito and I had coffee and ate the food that Tito Nilo asked us to bring because we didn't have time to eat dinner properly. Our chat started when we arrived until the wee hours of the morning hahaha. I guess we hit the sack around 2:00 am and if not for Alexus already sleeping and Ani's turn to harvest in Farmville, we could have continued our endless chat. The next morning was another round of more chats and the kids enjoyed playing WII again in the basement. Oh btw, Ani's place is really nice and big for the two of them, I heard Miggy saying, "Sana sa ganitong house din kmi nakatira, me playroom". It was also nice of them to accomodate us. We enjoyed our stay.

After picture-taking, Jeri brought us to Square One. We were supposed to go to Sportchek to buy the winter boots but since it's the start of the Daily Saving Time (DST) today, we arrived an hour earlier and the store is still closed. The Bus terminal going to Toronto is just right there so we headed home. It was a hectic but fun weekend. The kids enjoyed the most, Miggy said "Another unforgettable experience worth telling in the Weekend News (an essay type school activity)".

Lex First Halloween in a bear over-all

The Kids loots (pwede nang ibenta)

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