Thursday, 19 November 2009

First taste of chocolate

Alexus is almost one year old (only 5 more days to go). I have delayed giving him foods that might give him allergies because I might pass it on to him being allergic to some foods myself. When he was an infant, he was also sensitive to the formula milk we gave him so I was very careful in the food he should take. The eggwhites should be given to a baby from one year onwards but one time, Lex ate Miggy's leftover quail eggs with the whites. Good thing, no skin rashes. Other foods that I'm still not giving him are mangoes, nuts, oranges, pineapples and chocolates until he is 2 years old. Today, I just left him a few seconds in the kitchen and I didn't notice he was able to grab a bag of M&Ms from the pantry cabinet. When I came from the washroom, I couldn't find Lex in the kitchen and I just heard noise from the kids room. He was with Kyle, both of them giggling and eating their bags of M&Ms. His was still unopened but the chocolates ooze out of the bag from his bites. I was shocked to find his shirt and jumper stained and, his face and hands covered with chocolates. He looked like he's enjoying his first taste of M&Ms. This photo entitled "Napabayaan sa kusina" (Left in the kitchen) is telling me that giving him chocolates cannot be delayed anymore. I just hope he will not have allergic reactions to it.

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Faye said...

grabe sarap na sarap! haha!