Wednesday, 11 November 2009

I hope this doesn't happen to me or else...

I have met and become friends with some mommies of my son's classmates but I don't remember their names. I only know their's son's or daughter's names so I call them Elman's mom, Rifath's Mom, Andrea's Mom, Soliman's mom. One morning, I saw Soliman and his mom kiss each other before the boy lined up. I was kinda envious at the sight because Miggy was not that expressive to show his affection to me or his dad. Then, I also remember seeing Soliman's mother and Teacher Coleman talking about an incident during lunchtime. The boy accidentally (?) pushed a classmate while playing tag. Miggy and Soliman was also playing tag after school but I didn't see him push. This boy is bigger, a regular-sized 8-yr-old so you can imagine how I would feel if he pushed Miggy.

Today, I was about to talk to Teacher Coleman regarding Miggy's Project but I stopped on my way because he was talking to Soliman's mother and another teacher. I noticed that Soliman's mom was teary-eyed as they were talking. I asked Miggy why and he told me the story. Soliman's seatmates caught him copying the poem they were asked to do. It's a poem about Remembrance Day (which we are celebrating today) but Soliman continued copying and the seatmates started complaining. There was already a commotion in the last table where they were seated and Soliman was heard saying, "NO! I am not!" then shouted "I feel like slapping all your faces!" This made the teacher call their attention and they were all called to his table to explain the incident. When they were finished. Miggy heard the teacher telling Soliman, "You're going to the Principal's Office" in a manner like a Policeman telling a criminal "You're going to Jail! (this was the exact words of Miggy LOL) That's the most dreadful words that a student wants to hear but what's more dreadful is that the parents being called in the Office with the student.

I saw the dismal in Soliman's mom while she was talking to Teacher Coleman and the other teacher whom Miggy later confirmed as the Vice-Principal. I hope that doesn't happen to me, I would have wanted to be buried right there so that other moms and dads will not look at me. It was so shameful. But I was told that this is not the first time that Soliman was called in the Office and that they were to return with Soliman's dad tomorrow at the Principal's Office (sounds like courtroom to me). I guess the verdict is either a suspension or expulsion depending on the severity of his other cases. I really hope and pray that this doesn't happen to me or else I'll go back to the Philippines and never return. On our way home, I told Miggy how I felt about this but he assured me, "It will never happen Mom." I hope so.

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