Thursday, 5 November 2009

Getting ready for our First Winter

It's already November and I can feel the cool breeze up to my sleeves each time we go out and take Aloysius to school. This morning, the thermometer read 0 degrees and we wore double - our code for 2 jackets (or 1 jacket and 1 vest). By the time, it hits the negative, it's gonna be triple (thermal undies, fleece jackets then insulated jacket/snow suits(tops and bottoms)/vest). Aside from that, the gloves, bonnets and scarves are necessary.
Notice that the neckline is high. Once you wear this jacket, the part of your face up to the nose level is covered.

For my baby, aside from double, he should also be slipped into an over-all snowsuit. The ears, neck, hands and feet must be covered. We are also looking for a foot muff that can fit into his stroller to keep his legs and feet warm.

For the footwear, we already bought winter boots for the kids. I'm still waiting for a good bargain but I found one at Sportchek, I hope Ani can buy in my behalf. The boots are not the same as the fashion boots that we see in Sex Bomb dancers but those with little spikes to keep you from sliding and fleece material inside to keep your legs and feet warm. At first glance, it looks like a "bota" (rain boots) that I used to wear for floods but the materials are totally different. While the rain boots are plastic, the winter boots are suede or synthetic leather(?):
An example of a Winter Boots

Outfit-wise, we should be ready. I hope we are really ready to face winter.

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