Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Winter Returns

We have experienced the unusual on our first winter. It's the first time in many years that there was no snow in November here in Toronto. December started off with relatively mild temperatures. Then, after the first snowstorm in December 9, temperatures dropped significantly. The Ontario Weather Review reported less snowfall than normal. Temperatures in many areas crept above the freezing mark and turned the precipitation into rain. Snowfall readings in Toronto area is only 7.2 cm last December compared to the normal 32.2 cm, the difference of -25.0 is notable. Climate change is evident. I heard on the news this morning that the organizers of the 2010 Winter Olympics is getting snow someplace else because it is not snowing yet in Vancouver where the games are going to be held. It is ironic when there is no snow for the bobsled, skiing and other games. My son Achilles asked me how can he play hockey when there is no snow. I just came outside and the snow starts to fall again. I remember walking only three to five times on snow and the snow on the balcony is not enough even for the head of a snowman. As I am writing this, its pouring and snowing and I guess the winter returned and BRRR moments are here again.

Time for the kids to make the snowman and snow angel again.

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