Sunday, 7 February 2010

Inspiration and Motivation

People come and go in our lives but some of them leave something with us that stay in our hearts and minds. I have met people whose words are like John Maxwell's, giving me inspiration, motivation and wisdom in all aspects of life. Today, I met another man of that stature. He is a big name (and also worth millions too) in Canada but we are privileged to have him as our guest in our little home. I have learned many things from the 2 hour chat and his road to success is remarkable. His principles in raising a child and giving the best education; how to mold them to become leaders, and giving back to the Church and his fellowmen; and his passion about work - they are all inspiring. I remember him saying "Winners never quit and quitters never win" which reminded me, I have believed the same, only not in that same intense motivation. It's like a domino, the air of confidence and passion from that man has a great impact to both Lito and I, we hope it continues to inspire and motivate us and we do the same to others.

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