Wednesday, 24 February 2010

African Heritage Performance

My son Miggy had a part in the African Heritage Performance which we watched at the Grenoble school gym this evening. I was not aware of this until I received the invitation yesterday. On our way home, I asked Miggy what's in store for us:

Miggy: Some will dance, some will sing, some will do drums...
Irmee: So what's your part in the performance?
Miggy: Our class will go back in time, we will ride the Magic School Bus.
Irmee: So that's it? You're going to ride a bus lang?
Miggy: (smiling) You'll see...
Irmee: (sighs and can't hide her excitement)

We left for school at around 5:45pm and Lito met us on the way. He and Miggy had to run because we're running late. Curtain time is 5:55pm and we're still at the apartment. The Gym was almost full when we arrived and Lito got a seat for us at the back. We got excited when Miggy and his classmates came into the stage. Our camera's battery had only 1 bar and good thing, Miggy's performance is at the middle, we were able to charge it during the first performance. Kyle was shouting Kuya, kuya, when he saw his brother in front (idol talaga!)

Their class' presentation is about the significant people from the African race. From Luther King, Mendela, Owens to Ali, Jordan, Jackson and many others who have made names in history. Miggy had a short dialogue where he hold the microphone and said: "I know his name Herb Carnegie. Can we go visit him Friz?" (telling the teacher to go to the time of Carnegie). Knowing that my child is very shy and seeing him do that, I feel proud and was speechless, hehehe. Good Job Miggy! We had a nice chat with one of his teachers after the performance congratulating him too. After that, we headed to McDonald's for a French Fries and Strawberry Sundae treat. (True, even if there's snow outside and it's freezing, they can still eat a cold treat).

Here's the video, Lito was not able to take pictures because there's only 1 bar in the battery life of the camera.

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a boy's mom said...

well done, Miggy. Amazing how he felt confident on stage considering he's new in this school. Hooray.

pag time ko na yata magiging stage mommy ako haha :)