Monday, 22 February 2010

Winter Blues

I think I'm experiencing the real taste of winter. In the past months, there was snow drought and I guess they all want to come out today from where they were hiding for sometime now. The snow started to fall at lunchtime and until now, it hasn't stopped. On the way to school to fetch my son, the snow is wet, it's like rain and snow falling from the sky. I wished I brought my umbrella but I guess it will only be me doing that. Most of the Canadians do not use umbrella even if it is raining. I was wearing a hat to cover my ears and prevent the snow from falling into my eyes. On our way home, the snow falls heavily. What I walked on a few minutes ago is now covered with snow. The size of snow flakes are getting bigger, no longer dandruff-like flurries but as big as dimes. My hat is not enough to cover my face, the snow flakes hits me and it feels like I'm being cauterized. I wished I really brought my umbrella. I remember that raindrops fall in one direction, downward but snow fall in every direction - downward, upward, diagonal, in front and at the sides. The kids are enjoying it and sticks out their tongue but for me, I wanted to run and stay indoors. I'm not sure but I guess I experienced my first snow storm that up to this moment it hasn't stop. We hope to make our Snowman soon. Hahaha!

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a boy's mom said...

ouch, i can imagine yung kino-cauterize..sakit!