Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Win the Interview, Win the Job (Effective Job Searching tips)

Finally, I have been given a job offer after getting 3 interviews from different organizations (IT Company, Government and Private Nuclear company) here in Canada. However, after careful consideration, I decided not to accept the job offer and wait for other irons in the fire.

I have been reading a book called Win the Interview, Win the job and it helped me get a job offer. I felt the need to share some pointers because it will be helpful for those who are seeking employment. Effective interviewing is based upon a strong job search foundation of self-assessment, skills identification, objective setting, research, resume and letter writing and networking. I know most of the new immigrants need to have a job as soon as they landed and most likely they turn to any available job there is in the market. But with careful planning and right preparation, anyone can get the job their competency fits in and succeed in their chosen career in the long-term.

Prior to developing interview skills and actually going to a job interview, you should assess your strengths as well as explore career information relating to jobs, career, organizations. Only then you will be prepared to develop and focus specific job search on jobs and careers that is right for you. As what I have been doing, I go after high quality employment by looking for jobs that directly relate to my strengths. These strengths consists of interests, motivations, skills and accomplishments. Ideally, we should seek jobs that we do well and enjoy doing. Everything else follows.

An important goal in any job interview should be to obtain useful information. You will be more at ease and perform better in any interview situation if you focus on what interview is all about - an exchange of useful information between the interviewer and the interviewee. You gain information about the job and present yourself, in the most positive way possible. While the interviewer is trying to determine whether to hire you, you should be determining if the job is a good fit for you. It should lessen the fear and apprehension by taking control of the interview situation. Like many skilled job hunters are doing today, I learned how to manage the interview to my advantage. I also learned when to accept or reject job offers. By being selective, I know I will get the job that is right for me and lead to positive career experience.

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a boy's mom said...

hi irmee, this is great, thanks for sharing..and thanks for the info on balikbayan boxes too..baka you need something from manila na pwede namin madala, let me know ;)