Sunday, 14 March 2010

Things to do this Spring (and Summer)

As soon as I heard that there are free activities called Toronto Fun being offered twice a year by the City of Toronto to its residents, I searched for programs and tried to register my kids. The registration started last March 9 and would you believe, almost all the programs are full. I was only able to register for myself and one program for Aloysius in summer. The Swimming program in summer is not yet open for registration but I already plotted the schedules for both Miggy and Kyle. In the rest of the programs that Miggy requested because his classmates already registered, we are still waitlisted. I wonder what are the chances of us getting a slot in these programs. I guess I registered in all of them, those appropriate for Miggy's age and some for Kyle. You know, I got excited when I saw that no fees shall be collected because these are funded by the government of Toronto, especially in our area. Here's the schedule I mapped in Excel. Those marked in purple are for Miggy and those in blue for Kyle, mine's in red. In case you're wondering why so many activities for my kids in a day especially Saturdays, these are not yet final. Most of these are waitlisted. Hectic ba?

Here are the programs I have reserved:

For Kyle (4-5 years old):

Making Music
Creative Movement (Dance)
Jump and Play
Crafty Kids

For Miggy (6-8 years old)

Drawing and Cartooning
Keyboards Beginner
Computers for kids
Tennis Beginner
Martial Arts
Indoor Soccer

For Irmee (17 yrs +)

Cardio Hi/Lo
Adult Computers

We are privileged to take these programs and learn for free so why not grab it? I just hope we'll have a chance in the waitlisted courses. If we were still in the Philippines, these programs cost a lot, we can only afford one for each of the kids. We are thankful and looking forward to our first Spring here in Canada.


a boy's mom said...

wow irmee, this is so exciting...sobrang bored pa naman ako these days bec miguel is not in the mood to go out so we're stuck at home, and soon it will be super hot here so lalong no chance to pasyal...sana you can get a slot in these programs...will look forward to more of your kwentos :))

Irmee said...

I hope you'll be living near us so we can do it together next year. I'm so excited.