Sunday, 7 March 2010

Kyle's taste in dressing

It's March and the sun is already up. I guess early spring weather is here and it's time to keep my closed neck and long sleeved tops. I was wearing a not-so-low neckline blouse and while me and the kids are coloring on the floor, Kyle said: "Mommy, lagyan mo nga ng zipper yan" (Mommy, can you put the zipper in that - referring to my neckline). I was trying hard to control my laughter but I saw that his face is serious because his eyebrows are meeting so I just replied, "What's wrong with this? (pointing at my blouse) He said, "Basta, gusto ko yung dati" (I like what you wore before). I told his dad about it and he said, "Just change"..I went to the room to change with a smile on my face realizing that my boys are conservative. "Oh, men...they don't know what fashion is, hahaha."


a boy's mom said...

uuy, spring na! soon it will be time to hit the parks! :)

Irmee said...

I hope this will continue but the forecast said we'll experience some flurries over the weekend. Weird weather eh.