Monday, 8 March 2010

My 15-month old baby

I haven't posted any pictures of Lex yet since Christmas, or since his hair grew long. My bunso looks like a big boy in his high chair, putting his feet up. I wonder from whom did he get this pose, hehehe. I know that 15 months is a milestone period for babies and I guess I haven't taken notes of new things he does or something new in his body. Well, for one his set of teeth is the same, although I guess some will come out soon because he's biting everything. He walks and runs, babbles a lot although he knows DADA for daddy and DEDE for milk, and points at things most of the time. He forgot about some of the sign language he knew before. What I'm amazed at is, he is reading or should I say, browsing books, knows how to hold a pencil and color and sings or sways at a tune and sometimes he dances. I hope I can post a video here. Here's another, he puts his hands together when we pray and sometimes he closes his eyes and claps his hand afterwards. For a 15-month old, that's something, hehehe. My boys are different on how each of them grow and develop but I love them all.


a boy's mom said...

wow, i'd say he's gonna be an early talker!

Irmee said...

I hope so. Actually, of all my boys siya pinakalate magsalita. Si Aloysius started to speak even before 1 and Kyle when he was 1. at lahat di bulol, sana di rin bulol si Lex. hehehe.