Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Haven of Books

Feed your soul/mind.
Feed your body.
Cleanse your body.

These are the 3 vital things a person should do, in that order of priority. I can have the last two omitted but not the first. Prayer and meditation is important for the soul. It’s your link to your Creator. Reading is how you feed your mind. Humans were gifted with brains in order to use them. It is what makes a man supreme over the other creations of God. It is the knowledge that brings a person to a different level in his or her life. We get old and our physical bodies deteriorate but we also get wise as we age depending on what we put in our brains. Garbage in, garbage out. So while we can, let us bring in some knowledge into our brains so we can utilize them in the way they were supposed to function.

Reading books (and now the internet) are our great way to absorb knowledge aside from experience and lessons taught. I remember my mom always says – Make it a habit to read books, magazines or newspapers because “Para tayong lapis, pag di nagbasa, napupurol” (We are like pencil, we cannot write if there’s no lead.) Reading sharpens our minds. I also remember I became a book worm at an early age, read the Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew hardbound collection in elementary and had to volunteer as one of the student librarians in high school to be able to read more books aside from the Sweet Dreams, Harlequin First Love and Mills & Boon pocketbooks. So now you know why I am nearsighted and had to wear eyeglasses hahaha.

I am so happy to discover my haven of books here. The Toronto Public library online system is so cool and efficient. I can search for my favourite authors and see the available books to read. I can even reserve for the particular title I am interested in case somebody else borrowed it. I will then be notified when it is available for pick up in any branch within Toronto. I have finished reading all the Shopaholic Series by Sophie Kinsella and her other books “Can you keep a secret?” and “Remember me?” which I find very amusing. My next author to read is John C. Maxwell – a leadership guru. For now, I’m just going to enjoy my latest Kinsella book – The Undomestic Goddess which I am – the undomestic, hehehe.

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