Monday, 22 March 2010

Four men and a new haircut

After The Haircut

Before the haircut

Kyle and Lex didn't have their haircut eversince we arrived here in Canada and that was almost 8 months ago. Kuya had his haircut done by his dad and needed to be fix. Lito had his last haircut before the start of winter. It's about time that they have a new do, so we went to Bro. Ben Bumanlag and spent quality time with churchmates after the service while their hair is being done. We are so thankful, free service na, with free dinner pa. Good thing, it's Ben's birthday I might have turn down the offer otherwise, hehe. Look at my family, all grown up and good-looking, my precious.

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Faye said...

kagwapong bata. suskopo buti di nalaglag. :)