Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Update on Aloysius schooling

I received a notice from the school that Aloysius needs to be enrolled in a Special English class or what they call as Literacy Program and I was asked for my permission. At first, I do not understand why Aloysius needs that because he understands and speaks English very well. I went to the school yesterday to talk to his teacher and clarify but he left as soon as the bell rang. Lito and I discussed this and we agreed that we follow the recommendation of the school since Aloysius is new, the class might benefit him. So I signed the form and gave it to Aloy to bring to his teacher. I only inquired when and up to what time that class ends so I can adjust the time I will fetch him. I arrived a little late when I fetch Aloysius this afternoon, Teacher Coleman was there because they wait for the mom or dad or whoever will fetch the child before releasing them. So that's my opportunity to inquire on the additional class. This is his answer "Actually, Miggy doesn't need to be enrolled in that class, the Lady who brought him to me on the first day is the one who put his name there because she thought that since he didn't take Grade 2, he might need that. But my assesment is he doesn't need it. He is just shy and his voice is low but he communicates. His spelling is good and he creates sensible sentences. It's still up to the parents to decide but attending that class will not advance him to any class, constant monitoring and a little push is just what he needs." After he spoke, all I said was, "Thank you" because at the back of my mind, I was angry at that lady for not believing in my son. GRRR, wait till Aloy finish this grade with flying colors. Anak ko ata yan at Filipino ata yan....for a while there I felt my son being discriminated, but I shrugged at the thought. Miggy will have his moment, in due time.


Alicia said...

I'm so glad that that was taken care of right away. I'm sure the teacher thought she was helping, but I know it's hard not to feel a little defensive with our children. We do know them better than anyone.

Bong Blanco said...

Hi Irmee. This is Bong Blanco. I can sympathize with you. But you have to understand, the teacher was just doing their job. You have to understand that in the Philippines children are taught not to talk in class unless being called upon by the teacher. And in most instances when the children do speak in class they normally are only expected to answer the question of the teacher either by giving an answer in a single word or perhaps in short simple sentences. Your son, sabihin na natin, is still adjusting to his new environment. Here in the US and I'm sure even there in Canada, children are expected to speak up and say what's in their mind. This is quite a different approach than what your son and my children were accustomed to in the Philippines. Anyway - just give your son some time. He's young. He'll adjust quickly believe me. Ganyan din yung daughter ko noon eh. She was so quiet noong una syang pumasok sa school dito. Reklamo nga nang teacher di pala-salita yung anak ko. Pero now...naku..super daldal na...Anyway - ok lang yan. Isa lang yan sa mga challenges na haharapin nyo dito sa Amerika. Welcome!!!

Irmee said...

Thanks Alicia and Bong. Yeah, I guess we'll consider this part of our adjustment in settling here.