Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Aloysius' enrollment and first visit to McDonald's

We (only Miggy, Kyle and I) went to Grenoble Public School today and enrolled Miggy. After filling up the forms and some interview, we were told that Miggy will be attending Grade 3 class and classes shall start next Tuesday. We were overjoyed because aside from the "acceleration", the boys got free books from the school. Most of the books looked new as if they were not used at all. We got all we could bring in our backpack (hahaha hoarding!) because we left all the kids book in the Philippines. BTW, I was told to only let my kid bring healthy snacks, no cookies, candies or chips or chocolates, only fruit or veggies.

To celebrate, we stopped at McDonald's and had 2 Happy Meals. While waiting for my turn, here are my observations:

1. The menu only displays the specialty burgers, no ordinary hamburger, or fries. I guess fries only comes with a combo. Aside from the burgers and desserts, they also serve greens (salads)

2. Without finding the price of Happy Meal, I still ordered 2 cheeseburgers with orange juice and boy toys (Lego) which the kids wanted. My bill totalled almost 10 dollars, haay I miss Jollibee, I will already have 2 champ meal and single chicken with rice for that price (LOL).

3. The crew age bracket is not known. Like in the US, even the oldies can be a crew member. And they seem to be enjoying their jobs.

4. The drive thru station is high tech. I used to be a drive thru team member of Jollibee (in fact, the very first team, now you know my era, hahaha) and if I will be a crew again, I would probably want to work in that station. Imagine, a drink dispenser that is fully automatic (ice, drink and cover). All the crew needs to do is give it to the customer.

5. The waste and recycling bin clearly indicates which goes where and people strictly follows. I had to separate the paper bag from the plastic containers before throwing it to the bins.

6. McDonald's Canada has its own logo. When I was googling for the image copy to show here, I found interesting facts about McDonald's Canada. It was the first McDonald's restaurant outside of the United States and the headquarters is near our place, Don Mills. As of 2006, it has 1375 branches all over Canada including those in Wal-mart Canada locations. Here's the logo, and I also mean what it says (after Jollibee of course, LOL)


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