Saturday, 26 September 2009

My First Born's Photobook

Aloysius didn't have a scrapbook like Achilles. I made a photo album for him using clear sheets and plain white paper and since I cannot find the negatives of his baby photos, I didn't made a new scrapbook for him. While I was doing Kyle's First Year Scrapbook, he helped me cut the papers using craft scissors and put rubber stamps. I just told him, I cannot make him something like Kyle's because I don't have his old pictures anymore, I didn't want to destroy the plain white paper scrapbook I made for him either (actually, I'm just tamad. BTW, I sprayed acid-free mist to his album to preserve them). I still remember that look on his face and I promised myself to make him a growing up scrapbook before his 7th birthday. But last year, the situation is difficult. I was busy with work, the new baby and taking care of them because Lito was not here, his 7th birthday celebration which is supposed to be a blast was not even close to his first birthday. I know, I was a bad mommy to my firstborn and it's time to make amends. I hope that when he receives the photobook on his birthday this December, he will remember my promise and that I fulfilled it.

Making the photobook was sentimental. I was teary-eyed seeing the old pictures of my first-born (well, only those captured in digital cameras while he was already in 2 years old). I remember vividly how cute he was having some babyfats and now I can't believe that he was turning 8 and telling me "I can do this by myself, I'm not a baby". I made the pages in chronological order and the 30 pages was not enough for all those I selected. Because I was reminiscing, I forgot to save the file and lost the 10 pages I added when I accidentally hit the back button. GRRR talaga! But then I realized, I was supposed to be making a 20-page 8x8 photobook to avail the freebie. haay!

Anyway, here's the link so that you will know why I'm being sentimental. Check out Miggy's Growing Up Years and enjoy. (I hope more paid blog opps come to replenish my Paypal account hahaha.)

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